You've entered a bar and you're looking for love. What will you find?

A short choose your own adventure text game made in twine. Please play the game in Full-View to get the best experience! There is also some background music, if you're into that sort of thing.

There are 4 possible 'endings' to find.

This game is also in its very early stages! Much more content will be added.

Made withTwine
Tagscyoa, Text based, Twine


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does any one know how to get the bartender to leave with you

I love this game, it's pretty impressive! Atmospheric, I think? And I really wonder what is the backgorund music of this game. Could you tell me the title of it?

Ps I still don't know how to get the lady in red ending 😂

Here's how I got her ending:

  1. introduce yourself
  2. get her the orange drink
  3. reintroduce yourself
  4. compliment her eyes
  5. ask her if she wants to got out

A pretty fun game! Nicely surreal in concept. I couldn't find the 4th ending so I just kept ordering drinks over and over to see if drinking myself to death was a possible ending or something. I ordered over 200 drinks but it didn't do much, ha ha. I got the Almond Death ending, the Washroom is Occupied ending, and the successfully seducing the lady in red ending.

Hey, thanks so much for playing!! If you keep trying to romance the bartender, there might be an ending somewhere in there... :) This is the initial prototype of an idea I've had for awhile, and I'm hoping to make a more fleshed out version of the game without the time constraint of a school assignment.